Avian Behaviourist & Expert Bird Trainer

Mel Vincent is easily one of the most experienced bird behaviourists around.  If you need help training your bird, solving problem behaviours like biting, screaming and plucking, you need Mel.

Mel sees birds and their humans for behavioural consultations both online and in person 7 days a week.  She can primarily be found at Bird Vet Melbourne, in Burwood (she manages the clinic) but is available at other clinics and locations as well.

Mel regularly runs both parrot and chicken school classes.  She is is well-known as a public speaker and you can find her at many different animal related events.

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Bird Behaviourist

Bird Behaviour and Training Services

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    We offer training for any type of bird at any age.  From a budgie to a chicken, we see them all.

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    Problem Solving

    So your bird bites, screams or is overly hormonal? Maybe your bird isn't tame.  We can help.

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    Psychological Treatment

    From feather plucking or self-mutilation to separation anxiety.  Treatment is available.

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Bird Behaviour
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    In Clinic Consults

    Mel is the practice manager of Bird Vet Melbourne and sees clients at the clinic, with availability at other clinics

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    Virtual Consults

    Not in Melbourne?  Mel has clients all over the world. Great for the birds that can't travel.

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    Parrot School & Chicken School

    Group classes are run regularly for both parrots and chickens.  See events page, call or email for more details.

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Monday - Friday09:00AM - 06:00PM

Saturday09:00AM - 12:00PM

Sunday10:00AM - 12:00PM

(03) 9808 9011

0408 350 942



Bird Vet Melbourne

128 Highbury Rd, Burwood,

Victoria, Australia, 3125

Other locations by arrangement.